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Book review :Boy Next door by Irene Sabatini

Lindiwe Bishop is fallinf for Ian McKenzie the proverbial boy next door. Now before you say"So what!"
our story takes place in the eary 1980's Lindiwe is a native Zimbabwean and Ian is a white Zimbabwean .  Zimbabwe has just gotten their independence so racial tensions are high.  If this isn't enough drama for you
how about the fact that they think Ian may have killed his stepmother.  Lindiwe's mother and distant relative
Maphosa are convinced that he did.However  Maphosa is anti white so he is going to think this anyway.  Her
father and her ":cousin" Rosanna are neutral on the subject , but as the story progresses you will discover why they didn't care one way or the other.

My overall impression:

Even though I had some idea that the there would be some violence the way the plot was laid out it
still seem to catch me off guard a little. It's like walking along the street minding your own business while
some weirdo jumps out of the bushes and kno…