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The Mistress's Revenge by Tamar Cohen

According to Msnbc's survey 1 in 5 adults have cheated on the person they are currently with.
Atleast 28% of the married men and 18% of married women(The survey was taken by 70,000 adult online).Author M.Gary Neuman,author of "The Truth About Cheating:Why Men stray and What You Can Do About It", comprised a 2 year study that followed  a 100 faithful men and 100 unfaithful men the results may surprise you : only 8% of the cheating men said that sexual dissatisfaction was the reason and 48% said it was emotional  disconnect..   So what if the other woman after being dumped would not go away quietly
what if she was determined to bring the affair to light no  matter  how much she stood to lose in the process?  Enter Sally Islip the former mistress of clive Gooding a well known philandering music producer , who has just ended their 5 year  affair without much of an explanation to Sally.   Even though she is in a long term relationship with someone else and has two kids from t…

Haiku with a photo

I got this image from here
I use to follow a blog that did phots and haikus but I believe they stopped and just when you think I found
another one this blogger is taking a break! If there is anyone out there who knows a blogger doing both
poetry and photos I would be interested.