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Book Review:Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer fans can rejoice.  This book is the perfect follow up to "Battlefield of the Mind" but  if you haven't read it you can still benefit  from reading this because:
Part I of the book lays down the foundation for why it would benefit you to change your negative thinking
she gives concrete facts in conjunction with scripture.   Chapter 2 Teach your mind to work for you, she introduces the concept of  having more control over your thoughts . For example:"According to the world renowned Mayo Clinic, thinking positively may result in the following health benefits:

Decreased negative stressGreater resistance to catching the common coldA sense of well being and improved healthreduced risk of coronary artery diseaseEasier breathing if you have certain lung diseases such as emphysemaImproved coping  ability for women with high risk pregnanciesBetter coping skills during hardships.Chapter 3  More Power to You
page 46"....The greatest weapon you and I have is the …

Friday Link ups :Book Blog News,Postal Thursdays and Chrissie's Radiant Reviews-

If you would like to post links back to your book blog,book review,giveaways etc.... see the post below this one.
I believe the question over at Crazy-For-books is Which is more important plot or character?(I will go back and check and edit accordingly)   For me I feel character development ,especially for a work of fiction is crucial .It is the one determing  factor of whether I will actually finish the book.  I use to feel obligated to "tough it out" and read  on anyway.  But since I started blogging last year and have been blessed to read so
many good books in various genres, I really don't have the patience for character that is poorly developed .
A good example was "Alibi" by Terri Woods. For some reason the author felt the need  to go back and look
at the main character's mother's life but not  the main character!  She literally skipped birth,childhood,the
teenage years and went right into her adult life as a stripper!  Since I had no reason to f…

Book Blog news:Post links to your Book blog,book reviews,giveaways,memes,etc..

Good afternoon fellow addicts if you are looking for the place to link up your book blog, book reviews,giveaways,challenges, memes, then this the place.  Just a few things

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3.  If you would like to list the genres you review this is ok also .  As long as it's book related and
family friendly then it's ok