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Paula Deen's my first cookbook

If you are looking for something to do with the kids this Spring Break
then look no further .  I love the fact that she used alot of illustrations with kids
in mind.  The most helpful sections were the Safety First,Glossary and How to Measure right in the front section of the cookbook.
  For each recipe their is an illustrated side of all the equipment and ingredients  Titled what you need  and for the same recipe on the left hand side you get very detailed instructions..  The kids could almost do this by themselves but of course it's better if a grown up were there and hey this could also be a good bonding experience. Apartial list of the Table of contents include  Chapter1.  Morning Sunshine  Chapter 3   What's for Dinner    Chapter 4I'm starving  Also Chapter 9 Dont Eat These Fun arts and crafts.   Some of the recipes included:  Cinnamon Rolls,Pigs In a Blanket,Personal Pizza,Chicken Pot Pie, and Vanilla Cupcakes
  Very well done I  give it 4stars out of 5

Life is short but wide by J.California-Cooper

This story is set in Wideland,Oklahoma and narrated by Hattie Brown a 91 year old resident
who grew up near our characters Hermain and Myine.   Thing is the story really begins with Myine's
grandparents Val Strong and Irene Lowell in the earlier part of the 20th century.  Now I don't care
how you speed that up it's a lot of ground to cover and that's o.k. if you have a point.  That's my biggest
disappoint for about 3/4th of the book I couldn't tell what the point was. This author is an excellent
short story teller.    It seems like this would've been better off told as a series of short stories instead of
cramming this together under the ruse of publishing a novel.  Another thing that irked me is the fact that
the author stuck alot of religous beliefs that had nothing to do with the story.   I would only give
her 2 1/2 out of 5 stars